As part of our efforts to further protect and secure information, we are adding an additional authentication step for all online access. This will be done by creating a One Healthcare ID or HealthSafe ID.

All Members are required to login using HealthSafe ID.

All Employer group contacts and broker contacts are required to login using a One Healthcare ID.

If you do not have one, click “One Healthcare ID” or “HealthSafe ID” and you will be guided to create one for ongoing use.

If you already have a One Healthcare ID (for Employer eServices) or HealthSafe ID (for, please use those same log in credentials here.



Important Notice:  President Biden has announced the end of the COVID-19 National Emergency. The emergency was the basis for relief from COBRA timeframes governing elections and payments known as the Outbreak period. Pursuant to the Labor Department’s guidance, the Outbreak Period will end July 10, 2023. Therefore, the relief from COBRA timeframes that was available during the Outbreak Period no longer applies. Standard timeframes for COBRA elections and payments will be in effect as of July 11, 2023.


Here to Serve You

Optum Financial provides administrative services related to: 

  • Retiree and direct billing
  • State continuation

When you log in




Important Notice: To further ensure the safety and privacy of our customers, we will be launching a new login experience for member users accessing our web portal effective July 22, 2023. Members will be required to transition from their existing login credentials to HealthSafe ID. Once implemented, members will be directed to either create a HealthSafe ID or utilize their existing HealthSafe ID, under “Log in for individuals”.


Individuals can:


Administrators can:

  • Pay their premiums
  • Review their enrollment status
  • Manage their personal information, including email address 
  • Submit participant information
  • Retrieve reports
  • Create custom reports
  • And more



Language Assistance/Non-Discrimination Notice                  Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities


Asistencia de Idiomas / Aviso de no Discriminación              語言協助 / 不歧視通知